Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Batu Belah Batu Betangkup Versi English

Time immemorial in Indragiri Hilir village, lived a widow named Mak Minah on a rickety hut with a man named Diang daughters and two sons named Whole and Ucin. Mak Minah work diligently every day to prepare and needs of her three children. Mak Minah also looking for firewood to sell to the market as the fulfillment of their daily needs.
The three children are very naughty and lazy fun playing games, do not want to help his mother. Often they are denied counsel Mak Minah his mother so often sad. Mak Minah was old and sickly. Merka playing sometimes until late at night. Mak Minah often cry and mourn him. "Yaaa Lord, servant. Sadarkanlah slave children who never wanted to honor his mother, "Mak Minah prayed between sobs.
The next day, Mak Minah prepare a lot of food for her children. After that, Mak Minah go to the bank and approached a rock that can talk. The stone can also open and close like a clam. People call it the Stone Batangkup.
"O Stone Batangkup, take me. I could no longer live with my three children who never respect their parents, "said Mak Minah. Stone Batangkup then swallow body Mak Minah and what remains is the tip of the hair Mak Minah long.
By late afternoon, the third son Just a little while seeing no wonder his mother since morning. Because the food is pretty much fixed, they were eating and playing around again. They do not care anymore. After the second day and the food ran out, they started to confusion and hunger. Until any night they could not find his mother. The next day when they look around the river, Stone Batangkup Meet them and see the hair mother.
"O Stone Batangkup, we need our Mother. Please remove us from your stomach ... Mother, "they wailed. "No!!! You just need Mother when you are hungry. You do not have love and respect Mother, "said Stone Batangkup. They continued to wail and cry. "We promised to help, love and respect for Mother," they promise. Mother finally removed from the abdomen Stone Batangkup.
So they then rajing help Mother, menyayanngi and obey and respect Mother. But it is not long. They returned to their original nature are lazy and like to play around and do not want to help, love and respect for Mother.
Mak Minah was sad and back to the Stone Batangkup. Mak Minah was swallowed up again by Stone Batangkup. Three children Mak Minah as usual playing from morning till evening. By late afternoon they realized that Mother did not appear all day. The next day they went to Stone Batangkup. They wailing cry like the previous incident. But this time the Stone Batangkup angry. "You naughty boy indeed. You regret this time there's no point, "said Stone Batangkup, swallowing them. Stone Batangkup entered into the soil and till now never reappear.

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